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Troy United Fall to Inter Detroit 9-0

On Thursday evening, Troy United traveled downriver to Riverview Gabriel Richard High School to face off against top-of-the-table Inter Detroit. This game would be a challenge for Troy, but given their success against 1927 SC, another top-of-the-table team, there was room for hope.

Inter Detroit started on the pressure as soon as the whistle blew to start the action. It wasn’t long before they found the net when in the 8th minute, they put the ball into the back of the net to make it 1-0.

The goalscoring wouldn’t stop there. After earning a corner kick, Inter Detroit put the ball into the net again three minutes after the first goal to make it 2-0.

Not even five minutes later, the ball was again in the back of the net for Inter Detroit, making the score 3-0 in the 16th minute.

In the 32nd minute, Inter Detroit added another goal to their score, making it 4-0.

That would be the score as both teams headed into the half. Nothing went right for Troy in that first half, and even though the game looked finished at the half, there were still opportunities to pull some positives away from this game if they could stop the bleeding and get a goal or two in the second half.

That did not happen.

Inter Detroit were on the attack as much as they were in the first half, quickly making the score 5-0.

Then 6-0.

Then 7-0.

Then 8-0.

The game finally ended, with Inter Detroit coming away with a 9-0 victory. Nothing went right for Troy United this evening, and everything went right for Inter Detroit. They will continue their stay at the top of the table, while Troy will remain mid-table.

The best thing to do after a tough loss like this is to quickly get it out of your system and get a win in the next game. Luckily for Troy, their opportunity at a win will come in just a few days as they travel to Washington, MI, to face off against Michigan Stars FC U23 on Sunday night. Kickoff is at 7 pm.

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